Cat Dandruff and Skin Care

Dandruff is a common problem for cats, and especially for diabetic cats. A study shows that about 1 in 200 cats have what is known as diabetes mellitus (DM) and if you want your pet to get better, here are some things you can do. The cause of this problem is associated with poor nutrition. So, instead of buying one of those generic brands of cat food, maybe you should change it and go for one of those that are of good quality even if it may cost a little more. You can also give food supplements that contain fish oil which have been proven to correct the dandruff problem. This may also come from canned tuna since it is rich in Omega 43 fatty acids that will improve their hair in about a week. Symptoms that will tell you if your cat has a skin care problem like dandruff include an increase in their appetite, excessive thirst or urination, dehydration, depression, muscle wasting, lethargy, weight loss and an unkempt hair coat that is a direct result of poor grooming. It gets worse when the cat displays weak rear legs. Aside from a cat being diabetic, other risk factors include certain steroid injections, neutering and old age. The cold weather could be another cause since it dries the cat's skin. If your hunch about dry skin is correct, you can fix this problem by buying a topical and oral treatment that is designed to treat dry skin. Aside from the dandruff problem, owners should also be aware of allergens that can affect your cat's skin. Skin allergies may be caused by cleaners, pollen, food and other sources. Since it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of an allergy, owners are advised to use only natural care products in cleaning the home. One of the best things you can do to keep your cats fur and skin healthy is to keep them indoors. Studies have shown that sunburn kills the top layer of their skin causing it to dry and flake off. Repeated sunburn may result to skin cancer so if you decide to let them go out, this should be done before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon. During the winter, the cat should not be allowed to sleep near the fireplace as this also dries out their skin quickly. To keep their skin from getting excessively dry during the cold months, you should invest in a good humidifier. Your cat may also be infested with fleas and ticks. You can check your cat's skin routinely to pull them out and use powder to flush the rest out. The hair should also be combed so this does not happen again. If your cat has a persistent skin problem, it is best to bring it directly to the vet as over the counter medications and parasite treatments may not do the trick. Some of the symptoms associated with dandruff could be something else, like a skin disorder. One such disorder is Cheyletiella, which requires the help of a professional. Cat skin care problems like dandruff should be taken care of as soon as possible. Proper hygiene, diet and grooming are the best ways to keep it away and if household remedies don't work, you better get help so the exact cause can be determined and the proper treatment can be given.


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