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~ From:  Steve Peterson ~

For the past 25 years we have always had two or three cats in our household.  This past December (2011), our eldest of cats Sweetpea, passed away at the age of 22. Her passing was hard to take and it wasn’t until late February that we could even consider adding another kitten to our home.

After attending a couple of cat shows and doing some online research we came to the decision that the American Tabby and specifically the Silver Tabby should be our next cat of choice. The breed is hardy and heathy, frisky and playful - but not frenetic - loving and calm when it is lap time.

After a few preliminary contacts with other breeders the Harden’s name came up and our contact with them and in viewing their website was very positive. My wife was still hesitant and didn’t feel that it would be a healthy mix to introduce a kitten to our older Main Coon. I took the initiative and we drove down to the Marysville area to visit the Hardens and their adoption ready kittens.

That was an obvious mistake as it is hard for me to be introduced to any animal without wanting to have it share our home. After seeing the kittens, I was also surprised at my wife’s 180 degree turn-around in terms of her hesitancy in wanting another cat.

Throughout this introductory period Mr. Harden excused himself from the room so that we could tussle with the decision of leaving “without” a cat. Well, it couldn’t be done so we selected a beautifully patterned Silver Tabby to take home with us.

The Hardens were very helpful and accommodating in helping us with our decision making process. Steele explained all of the necessary do’s and don’t’s and the uniqueness of their cattery, and show quality cats that have been produced under their watch.

Well, our household is happy and youthful once again with the energy of our new kitten “Taboo.” He is a delight and very adaptive to the rules of our house.

We highly recommend contacting the Hardens when making a search for the next cat in your life. Even if you are not looking for an American Tabby, the Hardens will be able to provide you with excellent information and insider tips on any breed that you might be considering.

~ From:  Jill Keddie ~
" We wanted to get a kitten for a few reasons, our American shorthair cat Simon is 13 and could use a little perking up and we have 4 kids who have never had a kitten since Simon has been a adult for most of their lives. We knew we wanted another American short hair since they are wonderful family pets and of course they are beautiful too.
We've had our kitten Charlie for just over a month now and I can't imagine our lives with out him! He is every bit as great with the kids as I knew he would be. He plays with the kids all the time and our 3 year old likes to tote him from room to room. He is always gentile with them and seems to really enjoy them as much as they enjoy him. He is always following us around the house and even sleeps at the back door when we are gone waiting for us to return!
Angele and Steele were great sending us pictures all the time so we could see all the kittens growing,answered lots of questions for me and even drove Charlie all the way to Vancouver B.C. so he would have a less traumatic flight to his new home in Edmonton! ( Canada) The kids thank me everyday for getting Charlie and I'm so glad we did!

~ From:  Todd Morrow ~

"I feel lucky to have gotten my cat Luca, who is now 6 months old, from the Ironforge Cattery.  He truly is a great cat. 

Yes, he is a beautiful silver tabby with wonderful markings.  Everyone wants to meet him, and once they do,are always asking about him.  He is easygoing, outgoing and love to be petted and have his stomach rubbed, which is accompanied by a lot purring. 

When he isn't playing he likes to snuggle.  it's clear that the Hardens put a lot of effort into raising these kittens to be wonderful pets.  On my birthday I awoke to find a toy mouse on the pillow next to me and Luca smiling proudly at me, as if to say, "here is my present to you; happy birthday!"  I can't thank the Hardens enough for Luca. "

~ From:  Lynn ,Garrett & Spencer ~
“When our family lost our favorite pet cat we were hesitant to try to find a replacement as we were sure we would not find one that could fill the void. 
We took our time and did our research and found Iron Forge Cats.  We were quickly proved wrong as the cat we adopted from Ironforge cattery, Lulu (at 6 months), is the most well adjusted, laid back, friendly cat we have ever owned.  She purred the entire way home and has not stopped since.  We've had Lulu for over 6 months. 
I personally have owned cats my whole life and  in my 38 years of owning cats Lulu is the most beautiful cat I have ever owned but more importantly she has a fantastic personality.  She never flinched when introduced to our 9 year old boy (who carry’s her around in his blanket and calls her his “baby”), nor did she flinched when she was nose to nose with our  4 year old Boxer for the first time as well as our other adult cat.  We strongly recommend them too all!”
~ From:  Anna Germino ~
Just wanted to check in with you guys and give you an update on Max.  Max is doing very well and has adjusted beautifully to my home.  By day two he chose to introduce himself to my dog Lu Lu and boy was she thrilled!  They play chase, compete for the fetch ball, play feather, and of course cuddle in the evenings.  He is such a joy and I adore him!  He did great around Christmas with my four year old nephews too. 
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to own this sweet boy.  I love him dearly!  Attached are a couple of pictures and I plan on sending you more in the future.   Thank you again!!”
~ From:  The Annett Family ~
“Buddy is very healthy, has lots of energy like a kitten should, and he is developing into a gorgeous cat. Buddy and our other cat "Alex", who is 3 years old, are inseparable.
Buddy follows him like a shadow and enjoys snuggling up to him for afternoon naps. They play together constantly and are absolutely hysterical to watch. At night they both sleep with our 11 year old son Noah. We will keep you posted with more pictures as time goes on but wanted you to know that Buddy is a great addition to our family and we are all quite pleased!
~ From:  Monica Baryo ~
"After losing my beloved companion of 17 years, I decided to start looking for a new addition to my family and ran across an ad for Ironforge Cats.  Once I saw the pictures of the cats and kittens, I fell in love with one of them, Luther (kitty on the left).  I went to go visit the cattery and Luther stole my heart as soon as I saw him.  I brought him home and he has been purring ever since and is such a lover boy.  He is very playful with his toys (which are numerous) and loves his teeth cleaning toys so much, he practically eats them. 
I really had no intentions of getting a second kitten, but while at the cattery, I got a chance to see the little litter and fell in love with one of the little ones.  Seven weeks later Steele and Angele delivered the second bundle of joy to my home, Grant (kitty on the right).  Luther and Grant had a few days of growing pains, but now they are best buddies and rarely are never in the same room without the other.  If one notices the other is missing, they will start to meow for the other to join him.  It’s quite the relationship.  
I recommend to anyone who is looking for loveable, social, gorgeous cats to get in touch with Steele and Angele to add new members to their family!
Thank you to Steele and Angele for breeding these great cats!"