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 kittens Q & A
    Q : How do I buy a kitten from Ironforge Cattery?
A: If you're interested in buying a kitten, please contact us, by filling out the form. We'll let you know when new litters are expected. You can send a deposit of $100 to us to get on the waiting list for a kitten. If you specify a color and such a kitten is born, we will contact you and find out if you want to come to see the kittens. You have the right to pass and wait for another litter.
More information can be found onour price & policies page
    Q: When can kittens go home with me?
A: We know you are eager to get your new kitten, but there are several reasons we do not allow our kittens to leave for their new homes prior to 12 - 16 weeks. 
We like to allow our kittens to wean themselves at their own pace which makes for a less needy kitten, and a happier mom.  Most of our kittens start eating solid foods about 5 - 6 weeks of age but still want the comfort of Mom.  Some kittens have such a strong urge to suckle that if they are taken away too early they will begin to nurse on each other or on cloth.  Others become fretful without mom and tend to cry often or have nervous habits.  These habits can be difficult to break. 
In the wild, a kitten would never leave mom at 6 - 8 weeks of age because they would never survive.  It's not natural for a kitten to be taken from its mom and litter mates at such an early age, so here we let mom & baby determine when its time to wean.
    Q : What do I need before kitten arrives to my home?
A:  At the minimum, you should have:

  • Food and dishes for food and water.
  • A cat bed.
  • A cat carrier. It should be large enough for a cat to stand up in.
  • A scratching post, prefer sisal.
  • A litterbox and litter.
  • Toys, including wand-type string toys, catnip mice, balls and catnip sacks.

In order to help you prepare, please print out our  pet care guide.(PDF)
    Q: Are the kittens litterbox trained?
A:  Yes, our kittens have well formed litterbox habits. We believe good litterbox habits are reinforced by watching mother.  Most kittens don't start to use the litter box until around 4 or 5 weeks of age.  They watch mom dig, scratch defecate and then bury, that's how kittens learn to bury their waste too.  If weaned early kittens take much longer to regularly use the litterbox.  We keep the kittens with mom so they are trained properly to avoid accidents. 
All kittens benefit from consistency and familiarity when young.  So a familiar environment, litterbox etc makes for less accidents.  That way when the kitten leaves for his/her new home, they continue using the litterbox faithfully.
     Q: When does a kitten receive their vaccines?

A: Prior to leaving the cattery, all cats/kittens are guaranteed receiving the necessary shots.  While kittens are nursing mom, they receive passive immunity from mom's milk.  At about 6 weeks of age this slowly begins to taper off.  Vaccinating nursing kittens is not effective since mom's antibodies interfere with the vaccine. 
For this reason it is necessary to wait to vaccinate until kittens are weaned at least one week, or about 9 -10 weeks old.  It is from 6 to 9 weeks that a kitten is most vulnerable to disease and stress, hence another reason to remain with mom.  By the time a kitten is 10 - 12 weeks old the immune system has developed enough to give the kitten much needed protection when going through the stress of adoption and moving to a new environment. 
    Q: When should I spayed or neutered the kitten?
A: We recommend all parents to spay or neuter their kitten around the age of 5 - 6 months.  That leaves enough time for kittens to develop more sound physical structures.  In addition, this can avoid possible spray/mark of territory in your home.